We launched an online petition on 27th April 2017 addressed to the Minister for Major Works and the Minister for Transport Jacinta Allan MP.

The petitioners call upon the Minister for Major Projects, Hon Jacinta Allan,
to hold the Level Crossing Removal Authority accountable for following the Government’s transport policy, and construct the Upfield Bike Path from the Western Ring Road Path, over the M80 rail bridge and to the north side of Camp Road as it was required to do so under Section 1.7 of Transport Department Policy document: Victorian Bicycle Strategy 2018-2028.

The petitioners also call upon Hume and Moreland Councils to:
continue to progress all design work for completing the Upfield Bike Path extension to Upfield, and to strongly prioritise this work, cooperate and advocate for the State Government to complete the extension of the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield, without delay.

The petitioners also call upon Vic Roads to:
give a hight priority for funding to resolve the dangerous conditions for cycling through Campbellfield, to build the path in conjunction with Moreland Council from Box Forest Road to the Western Ring Road, and with Hume Council from Camp Road to Barry Road, without delay.

Join us in this campaign to Extend the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield by signing this petition. Our letters have been ignored, so it is time to get more vocal by signing this petition in demanding for the Bike Path to be built.

The more people that sign demonstrates community support for extending the bike path. Please sign and share.

Online Petition - Extend the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield
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