We have waited too long for the Upfield shared Use Bicycle Path to be extended along the Strategic Cycling Corridor to Upfield. It needs to be built now, not left to future politicians and bureacrats.

VicRoads have not provided any safe and legal north-south cycling route through the suburb of Campbellfield. Cyclists either have to contend with sharing the road in 6-8 lanes of heavy traffic in a 70 km/hr zone (highly unsafe) on Sydney Road/Hume Highway or illegally ride on the footpath and risk being hit by vehicles at the many driveways and on the side streets. This is pure negligence by VicRoads ignoring the legislative imperative for integrating transport in Section 86 of the Transport Integration Act 2010 in not providing ANY safe cycling alternative.

The Upfield transport corridor has also been designated a Strategic Cycling Corridor. Building the Upfield path to Upfield could provide VicRoads with a safe alternative for cyclists.

Many of the south eastern suburbs of the Municipality of Hume, like Campbellfield, Dallas and Coolaroo, have a high car dependency. Building the Upfield Path would provide an important commuter cycling route through Moreland to the City of Melbourne, as well as for more local recreational use, and even to safely access Campbellfield Plaza by bicycle.

The Level Crossing Authority needed to build the Upfield Bicycle path as part of the Camp Road level Crossing Removal, as specified under Section 1.7 of the Transport Department policy document: the Victorian Bicycle Strategy 2018 – 2028. They haven’t. Indeed, they have stuffed up any easy construction option for a shared use path crossing the M80 rail bridge and at Camp Road.

While most of the needed extension is in the City of Hume Municipal Council, Moreland Council also needs to increase their priority in constructing the missing link from Box Forest Road to the Western Ring Road Path at the point of the M80 rail bridge. (This link is at last now proceeding as a result of funding to Vic Roads in the 2018 State Budget)

Hume Council have had the Upfield Bike path on their agenda since at least 2010. That is 8 years ago. They estimated in 2010 the cost of the extension to Barry Road (at Upfield Station), if built by VicRoads, would be about $1.5 million.

We will not be satisfied until this shared use bicycle path is constructed to Barry Road at Upfield. It is past time to Extend the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield.

Join us in this campaign during 2018. Our letters have been ignored, so it is time to get more vocal, more strident in our demands and actions.


What needs to be done

The Level Crossing Removal Authority need to do the following work under their policy mandate to provide new cycling infrastructure as part of the Camp Road Level Crossing Removal major transport project:

* The culvert under Camp Road should be excavated to construct a safe cycling crossing under Camp Road.

* Install a constructed platform beside the VicTrack cemented cabling on the M80 rail bridge to provide a shared path surface, extend the height of the safety rail on the bridge.

* All the paths as indicated on the design plan should be built between the Western Ring Road Path and the north side of Camp Road.

It is unacceptable to simply abandon cyclist requirements and call it ‘future-proofing’ as part of this major transport project.

This effectively leaves building the path up to the competing demands and prioritisation of VicRoads limited budget for new cycling infrastructure, which may involve several years before funding is available, if ever.

Hume Council and Vic Roads need to start work on planning, design, funding the construction of the Upfield Bike Path from Camp Road to Barry Road (Upfield Station).

As a result of the 2018 State Budget Moreland Council and VicRoads are funding to build the Upfield Bike Path from Box Forest Road to the M80 and Western Ring Road.


This campaign is part of the fabric of the local general community and the cycling community in northern Melbourne. The following organisations have endorsed our campaign to Extend the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield. Please support these organisations in their activities. If your organisation wishes to endorse our campaign and be listed, please contact us.

Broadmeadows Progress Association (Motion of endorsement 4 April, 2018) Visit them on Facebook

Sustainable Fawkner (Have auspiced our campaign from March 2018) Visit them on Facebook, or website

Moreland Bicycle User Group (Motion of endorsement 26 April, 2018). Visit their website