Glenroy Level Crossing Removal ignores Craigieburn Express shared use path development

The Craigieburn Express shared use cycling path is part of Moreland Council’s 10 year cycling infrastructure plan. The route follows the Craigieburn rail line providing a safe and convenient recreational and commuter cycling route from Bell Street and the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail to the Western Ring Road Trail.

The path is being developed in stages by Moreland Council, but requires ongoing negotiation with VicTrack and Metro Trains, which to date has been highly problematic and has delayed construction.

The route passes Glenroy station where a rail trench level crossing removal project is proceeding.

Level Crossing Removal at Glenroy Road is the perfect opportunity to build sections of the path: Western Ring Rd Trail to Glenroy Rd and Glenroy Road to Barina street.

Yet the LXRP have taken no account of incorporating this cycling route as part of their station design and work along the length of the trench that will need to be constructed. LXRP have only included a very limited cycle path around the station precinct (see Map).

The LXRP advised in answer to a question “The new rail trench will be approximately 1.25km long starting at approximately Illawarra Street in the south, extending to Rowan Street in the north. It will be 23 metres wide and will gradually decline with its deepest point being 8 metres.”

If the trench will extend 1.25km, then surely there is an obligation to incorporate 1.25km of the Craigieburn Express shared use path as part of the project.

The route of the path from Oak Park station to Western Ring Road Trail is all covered by the planning approval for construction (see Map).

Excerpt from Glenroy Planning Approvals Project Area Map 2020

This route is also part of the Principle Bicycle Network (map) and Vicroads Strategic Cycling Corridor (map)

Excerpt of Principle Bicycle Network in Moreland – Glenroy

Excerpt of Vicroads Strategic Cycling Corridor Map – Glenroy

Level Crossing Removal Authority have a mandate to integrate pedestrian and cycling infrastructure under the Transport Integration Act 2010, and D3epar4tment of Transport policy.

Moreland Council needs to step up advocacy and negotiations at the early stage of construction for this bike route and shared use path.

Preliminary works by LXRP are ocurring now with trees in the Glenroy station car park being chopped down with virtually zero public notice and transparency.

Moreland Council completed the first stage of the 4.5km Craigieburn Rail Reserve.path at Oak Park Station in 2015. Moreland Council noted:

“The route was a high priority in the Moreland Bicycle Strategy 2011 and connects the Moonee Ponds Creek shared path at Bell Street to the Western Ring Road shared path at Jacana Station.

The construction works completed in 2014-15 are between Devon Road and Barina Road, and comprised 700 metres of coloured concrete path, lighting, retaining walls and drainage.”

One thought on “Glenroy Level Crossing Removal ignores Craigieburn Express shared use path development

  1. This is so sad. Level crossing removals benefit cars only, and by ignoring planning overlays for active transport will set back those local improvements by decades. So disappointing from a labour government.

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