Extension of path to Western Ring Road stymied by Metro Trains, VicTrack

A Council Officer report to Moreland Council meeting for Wednesday 13 November, 2019 outlines ongoing and major issues negotiating use of Victrack land, especially with Metro Trains.

The Council officer report that was published as part of the Moreland Council agenda can be read here: 2019-11-13-MCC-MetroTrains-Craigieburn-Upfield-paths.

This affects development of both the Craigirburn path and the Upfield Bike Path.

As Moreland BUG President Ross Millward noted in an email to the BUG email list:

“it seems bizarre that VicTrack isn’t cooperative with the Council when the Transport Integration Act 2010 defines:”

(1) The functions of Victorian Rail Track are—

(c) to provide or enable access to the non- operational transport-related land, infrastructure and assets where this supports the transport system, including—

(i) for walking and cycling;

(ii) for tourist and heritage rail operations;

(iii) through the granting of leases for business or community purposes consistent with the object specified in section 119;

“It would seem that providing land for walking and cycling is a legislative requirement, not a discretionary function that VicTrack can choose to ignore.” said Mr Millward.

In Council’s Governance report, the Upfield Bike Path extension from Box Forest Road to the Western Ring Road Path is due to be done by VicRoads in the fourth quarter of 2019/2020 financial year. The money for this work was allocated in the May 2018 state budget, so the work has already been deferred one year.

Campaign needed

This really needs a campaign targetting Transport Minister Melissa Horne (Melissa.Horne@parliament.vic.gov.au), Broadmeadows MP Frank McGuire (frank.mcguire@parliament.vic.gov.au), and Pascoe Vale MP Lizzie Blandthorn (lizzie.blandthorn@parliament.vic.gov.au) for them to ensure proper governance as stated in legislation is actually carried through by VicTrack and Metro Trains.

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