We need a Coburg veloway as part of level crossing removal – Westgate Tunnel Veloway animation

Footscray Road/Westgate Tunnel velowey animation still

The Premier Dan Andrews today unveiled an animation of the Westgate Tunnel veloway above Footscray Road, a part of the Westgate Tunnel Road project.

“Soon, to get this view, you’ll have to pedal. But this one’s on me. Sit back, relax – and take a ride on our new bicycle freeway.” said Premier Dan Andrews in a Facebook Post

“If the Labor Government can build such a veloway over Footscray Road, there is no reason why Level Crossing Removal Project should not build a veloway as part of the Coburg level crossing removal project” said Sustainable Transport Campaigner and Extend the Upfield Bike Path Co-ordinator John Englart.

“Cycling is booming across Moreland with 10 per cent of transport trips by bicycle in Brunswick and Coburg.” said John Englart.

The level Crossing Removal Project will remove Bell street, Munro street, Reynard Street and Moreland Road level crossings in one stretch of elevated rail viaduct with new two stations for Moreland and Coburg.

“The Level Crossing Removal Project should attach a cycling veloway to the side of this rail viaduct.” said Englart. “If a veloway can be built as part of the Westgate Tunnel Project, there is even more reason for a dedicated veloway in Coburg where cycling is already popular for both recreation and commuting.”

“The Upfield Bike path needs radical improvement as part of level crossing removal. Both ground level cycle paths for local cycling and a veloway for the growth in commuter cycling is needed to address the long standing capacity problems of the Upfield bike path.”

“There is also a growing safety issue that needs to be addressed” said Englart. “Best practice urban design requires the need to separate high speed commuter cyclists from pedestrians and local cycling. A veloway at Coburg attached to the side of the rail viaduct addresses the pedestrian/cycling conflict issues and safety of pedestrians.” concluded John Englart

Proposed Veloway would be 2.3 kilometres long

Map showing the approximately 2.3 kilometre length of the proposed veloway. The veloway would rise along with the rail viaduct heading north shortly after Tinning Street. It would be attached to the side of the viaduct, and at the side of the new Moreland and Coburg elevated stations. North of Bell Street the veloway would descend gradually in conjunction with the rail viaduct before O’Hea street. A switchback ramp could be added towards the middle at approximately Reynard street for intermediate access. Cyclists would not use this veloway to access the stations, however there might be access doorways from the stations for emergency situations for use by Metro Trains, PTV or emergency personnel.

Map of proposed elevated veloway

Watch the animation of the proposed West Gate Tunnel/Footscray Road veloway below:


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