Development of Ford Broadmeadows site reason to extend the Upfield Bike Path

The Ford Motor Company is putting up for sale 40 hectares of land from their Broadmeadows site.

As Broadmeadows MP Frank McGuire outlined in State Parliament in the adjournment debate on September 20, it provides a great opportunity for redevelopment, including perhaps as a University campus, or as a manufacturing innovation hub.

Lots of students and young professionals ride bikes. A university campus or innovation hub attracting a younger demographic should mean providing good cycling infrastructure for easy accessibility would be a no-brainer.

In my campaigning for the extension of the Upfield Bike Path I have already met design professionals living in Brunswick/Coburg who work in the design team at Ford in Coburg. They would cycle commute to work already, if the Upfield Bike Path went all the way, instead they drive adding to the road congestion on Sydney Road.

Now would be a great time to extend the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield.

Broadmeadows Revitalization report ignores cycling needs

Local Broadmeadows MP Frank McGuire has failed to take up advocacy for improving cycling infrastructure along the Upfield-Craigieburn strategic cycling corridor north of the M80 ring road, as part of his role as chair of the Broadmeadows Revitalization Board.

Within the 32pp report by this Board cycling is only mentioned once, and in an incidental fashion with regard to a new road bridge being needed over Merlynston Creek.

Frank McGuire’s 2016-2017 development strategy – called Creating Opportunity -Poscodes of Hope – also fails to address the cycling and walking infrastructure needs in the suburbs of Hume, except for one project: A pedestrian/cyclist bridge at Broadmeadows Railway Station.

This is not the way to address liveability and sustainability improvements for creating new jobs and businesses as part of Building Smarter Cities, Stronger Communities in Broadmeadows.

Urban planning needs to get smarter for our cities of the future, and cycling infrastructure should be an integral part of that planning process.

Victrack signal cabling upgrade a lost opportunity for Upfield bikepath extension

During July to October Victrack has has been working upgrading the signaling along the Upfield Rail easement, putting in a gravel road on the easement from Camp Road to Barry Road.

This should have been a perfect opportunity to construct the Upfield shared use bike path from the M80 to Barry Road along the rail easement.

Emails to the Roads and Roads Safety Minister and Minister for Public Transport were sent on this issue, but after more than 2 months there has been no satisfactory response to these enquiries.

It seems our political governance, and our so-called Transport Integration Act are failing us.

Looking south from behind Chemmart -Victrack access road at Campbellfield
Zoom view looking south behind Chemmart – Victrack access road at Campbellfield
Looking noth from behind Chemmart – Victrack access road at Campbellfield
Looking south from Thompson St – Victrack access road at Campbellfield
Looking south from Sunshine St – Victrack access road at Campbellfield
View north of culvert at end of Sunshine St, Campbellfield

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