Moreland Council calls on Transport Minister and state MPs to extend Upfield bike path

At Moreland Council on Wednesday night there was a question about building the bike path from Box Forest Road to the Western Ring Road asked by John Englart. Secondly, under General Business Cr Riley put forward a motion on the need for the Upfield Bike Path extension which was passed unanimously.

1. An update and a timeline for the ‘Missing Link’ from Box Forest Rd to the Western Ring Road Path was asked in public question time. While negotiations with VicRoads and Melbourne Water have occurred the Manager of City Infrastructure could not give a timeline. It seems a concept plan is well underway with VicRoads and Melbourne Water. It appears the work on the path proceeding at this stage hinges on ministerial funding approval to part cover the cost by VicRoads. Moreland is ready to stump up their portion, it requires the Minister for Roads Luke Donnellan to sign off on Vicroads portion.

2. The General Business motion passed by Council was Titled: Improving bicycle infrastructure on the Upfield Line with neighbouring Hume City to create a major bike corridor.

“Background: Recent works on the Upfield Rail Line, related to the LXRA works at Camp Road, while not necessarily in our jurisdiction, have diminished bike and other wheeled vehicle access along the rail line and that current improvements at Camp Road will not deliver expected improvements to bicycle Infrastructure, especially delivery of a major bike corridor.

“Motion: That Council write to the Minister for Public Transport Hon Jacinta Allan MP, the State Member for Broadmeadows Frank McGuire MP, the 5 Northern Metropolitan Members of the Legislative Council: Mr Craig Ondarchie MP, Dr Samantha Ratnam MP, Mr Nazir Elasmar MP, Hon Jenny Mikakos MP, Ms Fiona Patten MP and the President of Bicycle Network Zena Burgess and Victorian Senators, to note:

1) Council’s disappointment that a shared path from the Western Ring Road to Camp Road was not included as part of the recent Camp Road Level Crossing Removal project, which would create a major bike corridor in the northern suburbs.

2) That Council expresses its concern that recent LXRA works on the Upfield Rail Line have contributed to restricted access across the bridge, at the Western Ringroad, for bike users, pram users etc, when the LXRA and PTV had previously publicly committed to improving bicycle infrastructure during works undertaken.”

Moved: Cr Mark Riley/ Seconded: Cr Sue Bolton. Passed (on show of hands but looked like it was unanimous)

There are have motions from both Hume and Moreland Councils to state representatives to exert pressure for the extension of the Upfield to be built.

Time to exert some grassroots pressure on all these MPs over coming weeks to exert pressure on VicRoads and Level Crossing Removal Authority to take the necessary actions commensurate with Section 86 of the Transport Act and Transport Department Policy to build the Upfield bike path extension.

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